360° Shop Tours

Explore Vibrant Somali Shops with Our Enhanced 360° Tours!

Welcome to a revolution in online shopping! Here at SomaliGifts.com, we're thrilled to offer immersive 360° virtual tours of authentic Somali shops, now with even more features to connect you with unique products and local businesses!

How it Works:

Explore: Click on the link below to access the Horyaal Business VR Tour.

Immerse Yourself: Navigate through the virtual marketplace using your mouse or touchscreen. Explore each shop in stunning 360° detail, just like you're walking through the halls!

Click a Shop: Each shop within the Horyaal Business VR Tour is individually linked. Click on a specific shop to access a dedicated 360° tour for a closer look at their unique offerings.

Discover Your Treasures: Spot something you love? Screenshot it and use the provided contact details to connect directly with the shop owner!


Horyaal Business VR Tour: 



Enhanced Features:

  • High-Quality 360° Views: Get a realistic experience of each shop's layout and atmosphere.
  • Interactive Navigation: Explore at your own pace, zooming in for details and panning around to see everything.
  • Shop Links: Easily access dedicated tours for individual shops within Horyaal Business Virtual Tour.
  • Enquiries: Found the perfect item? Use the built-in enquires form to send inquiries directly to the shop owner's email. Clearly describe your interest and any questions you may have.
  • Live Meetings: Schedule a virtual meeting with shop owners for a more interactive experience (up to 10 people). Imagine touring the shop virtually with friends and family, asking questions in real-time, and even having the shop owner highlight specific products using screen sharing and annotation tools (like circling an object).

Contact Details:

To connect with a specific shop after finding something you like in the 360° tours, you can use the provided contact information within their dedicated tour or on the Horyaal Business page (phone or WhatsApp). Additionally, the lead generation form provides another way to reach out.


  1. Explore: Take a virtual tour and discover unique products through the 360° experience.
  2. Screenshot: See something you love? Take a screenshot of the item within the virtual tour.
  3. Contact: Use the lead generation form or provided contact details to reach out to the shop owner.
  4. Live Meeting: Schedule a virtual meeting for a more interactive experience.
  5. Discuss & Pay: Discuss details, confirm payment methods directly with the shop owner. Secure payment methods may be available depending on the shop.
  6. Ship & Receive: The shop owner will arrange shipping and send your purchase directly to you.

Experience the magic of Somali shopping without leaving your home! Explore, connect, and discover a world of authentic treasures at SomaliGifts.com!

Please note: Individual shops within Horyaal Business may have their own specific sales processes or payment options. Always reach out to the shop owner directly for confirmation.

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